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Steven Land Magazine Ad

Steven Land Magazine Ad


New Designs

Here are some banners that I have created for Froogle Media.ImageImage

Froogle Media is a company that educates individuals, companies & associations about the pros & cons to using social media in order to build success for the future.

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day

I was searching though some history records on the king & found this photo wearing his cause. So here enjoy, Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day from the Wise Alec.

To wear your cause as well check out


I’d like you all to say hello to my brother Chev…you might not know who he is now but with future endeavors to take place you will soon enough

Also if you have Facebook? don’t hesitate to check & like the fan page….you need to anyway lol

New Works

These are the 2 new works I did for my friend Sam on his 1 year anniversary & an up coming artist I know Ritchy Alexis. Hope you like them….

Anyone who would like a CG portrait don’t hesitate to contact me at or just comment below :o]